• Contact Angle Analyzer

    P-300 multi / Automatic 3syringes system

    The Phoenix series is designed to offer the flexible required for Q.A, R&D and engineerin process development.
    The Phoenix series has a specially designed optical system for reducing the light scattering and is mounted with a camera easily adjusted in all-directions.
  • Material Tester

    · Testing Mode : Single, Hold, Cycle, Repeat
    · Crosshead travel distance : 400mm
    · Speed Range : 0.1~10mm/sec (0.06~600mm/min)
    · Data Output
  • Digital Surface Tension Analyzer

    DST Series

    The information of surface or interfacial tension is critically important in applications such as detergency and emulsification and is also important for many biological processes.
  • Product No.1

  • Product No.2

  • Product No.3

  • Product No.4

  • Product No.5


  • Contact Angle
  • Surface Tension
  • Themal Conductivity
  • Meterial Tester

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