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Phoenix-multi (fully automatic 3syringe System)
Phoenix-multi (fully automatic 3syringe System)


A. Contact angle

   - Static Contact angle

   - Dynamic Contact Angle

    - Measure Range : 0-180 degree

   - Accuracy : 0.1 degree

B. Surface Tension measure range (by pendent drop method: 1-1000 dyne/cm)

C. Surface Energy calculator function with 3syringe sytem

D. Automatic capture with time base (able to apply to hydrophilic material)

E. Precision drop size adjustable per 0.1 

F. Powerful materialization of sessile Drop and touch to surface

G. Fully auto software control 3syringes independently

H. Able to select operating by only syringe or adding refill system


Configuration of Hardware

1) Adjustable Iris Diaphragm

2) 12x zoom lens

3)  Digital camera for 70fps or Up to 600FPS (Optional)

4) Adjustable focus

5) Camera tilting function(Approx.4degree)

6) Camera resolution (640X480) up to (1328x1048 : Optional)

7) LED Light source

8) Liquid delivery by drive motor

9) Precise drop volume adjust per 0.1 (using glass syringe)

10) 5 modes of drop (Manual,Semi-auto,Auto,Touch drop,Liquid selection drop)

11) X,Y slide moving stage


  Software configuration in surfaceware9

- Preview function : able to check the condition of measurement

- Surface tension by pendent drop method

- One drop function

- Dynamic Contact angle measurement (advancing&receding)

- Data analysis wettability according to time

- Surface Energy, geometric, harmonic & Lewis-Acid method.

- Reference list for surface energy materials

- Contact angle analysis ,auto & manual function

- Image capture for 4modes (single,Sequence,Verify,Programed)

- Data display by graph

- D-base function (critical sample measure support)

- Precise operating control drop volume per 0.1 (by glass syringe operation)

- Position memory function

- Advanced one drop function

- Emergency stop by software control

- Auto calculate contact angle of captive bubble method

- Curved surface sample measuring system

- Syringe selection by automatically (control by selection)